A platform shift for 2020

  1. Ineffective methods and channels for constituent engagement so people can tell representatives what they want or need.
  2. A badly damaged voting process where money is a vote multiplier for the wealthy and corporate interests outweigh the interests of people.
  3. Inefficient identity management systems that inhibit people from moving freely and actively participating in democracy. People should be able to realize the American Dream remotely without any need for relocation.
  4. Limited technology infrastructure that can activate community members and support the future of education, work, and healthcare.
  5. An inability to break down issues into manageable pieces, which leads to a focus on large, unsolvable issues that suck up all our tax dollars in overhead with no visible results over seemingly endless periods of time.
  6. Absence of compensation to constituents for their work in the community, ranging from community to service to data mining and licensing that can be used to automate community operations.
  7. An economic system built on misaligned incentives, which leads to a near-complete value extraction from the average person and/or worker with a sole purpose of driving profits for companies and shareholders.
  8. Lack of transparency into where investments, tax dollars, and donations are going to solve community problems, which is inclusive of governments, charities, and personal foundations with donor-advised funds.
  9. A complete breakdown of trust, which is inclusive of the people or companies we interact with, the content or news we read, the money or products that we receive, or the things that we learn.
  10. Ineffective approaches to solving mental health problems that have risen to the level of national crisis.
  11. Implementation of mass surveillance coupled with degradation of privacy and data security, which has put our entire democracy at risk. Without privacy, you cannot vote or speak freely. Freedom is the bedrock of prosperity. It is the foundation of America.



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Dan Genduso

Dan Genduso


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